ArtRepublic Launches NFT Marketplace for Blue Chip Art Using Algorand Blockchain Technology

Creative agency democratizes art through the power of Web3 fan/creator economy

NEW YORK - (June 29, 2022) After seven years of representing and developing digital artists, globally, ArtRepublic is excited to share the launch of its marketplace built on Algorand blockchain, specifically for fine artists. To celebrate, the art agency curated its first official marketplace exhibition titled The Space Between Us featuring top selling blue chip female NFT artist, Itzel Yard Aka  IX Shells, and co-hosted a series of launch events during NFTNYC. IX Shells’ collection will be represented as a STOI, ushering in a new era of web3 empowered fractionalized ownership, rewarding all parts of the creator economy.

“Utilizing the highest tech available through Algorand, we have removed limitations on file size, format and resolution, giving artists complete creative freedom to show their work the way it is intended. Given Algorand’s low-cost minting and carbon-negative blockchain, it was the obvious choice for our future-forward collectors,” said Jessica Santiago, CEO of ArtRepublic Global.

On June 20th, ArtRepublic and Algorand partnered to host an exhibit preview and panel discussion at the Samsung 837 flagship experiential store, a digital playground for creators.  The panel discussed artists' inspiration, Algorand technology and the new creator economy made possible by STOI, a micro-DAO that tokenizes fractionalized ownership around any type of creative work.The daytime event was followed by an immersive evening party held at the iconic TAO Downtown venue, which was transformed into a bespoke digital gallery, with artists and the industry’s largest NFT collectors in attendance.  A special performance by recording artist and NFT collaborator, Dave East, closed out the night.

“For the first time, artists are leveraging the power of NFTs,” said Addie Wagenknecht, the Head of Web3 at Algorand Foundation. “Creating a strong ecosystem of partners will be the backbone of the upcoming generation of artists and unleashing boundless creativity.”

Unique to this exhibit, is a collaboration with renowned digital artist, IX Shells, and American rapper/actor from Harlem, Dave East, through a rare 1:1 and a series of 50 limited edition NFTs. The artistic pairing of IX Shells and Dave East represents two emerging creators who have both hit major milestones early on in their careers and have channeled that success to inspire a younger generation from their respective communities. Ownership of the IX Shells x Dave East collaboration will be represented through utility tokens or STOIs.


“Out of struggle, came two powerful voices that lead with humility, consciousness and gratitude for their communities. Each has experienced a quantum leap in their career, thrusting them into the mainstream, defining them as inspirational figures of art and culture who honor and value community and accessibility,” said Jessica Santiago, CEO and Curator of ArtRepublic Global. “ArtRepublic, powered by Algorand and STOI, is proud to be able to bring this opportunity to individuals who value the importance in collecting these pivotal NFTs.”

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Collect NFTs here: The Space Between Us

IX Shells

Dave East                        

Steve Sweatpants

Jesse Woolston
Ben Heim


Matea Friend
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Anthony Samaniego
Luna Ikuta
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