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About ArtRepublic

Our curatorial platform delivers high digital art into public spaces that can be enjoyed by the community at large.  We empower organizations to meet the growing demand for innovative digital design and engaging experiences, reimagining how space can act as a storytelling platform.

A deep understanding of the digital art medium paired with an innovative Al discovery tool enables us to strategically align our global collective of leading artists with your enterprise’s mission, CSR, DEI initiatives and social causes.

Art Meets AI in the Built Environment

Public digital art can profoundly shape how people feel about spaces. AI spatial analytics for the built environment allow us to understand how your audience engages with the art installations and their emotional connection to the space. A positive impact on people’s feelings about the environment can increase the likelihood they will spend more time there, create memories or recommend a visit to others.


ArtRepublic started with a vision that public spaces should be used to storytell, inspire and create states of wellbeing.  We believe we are shaped by the character of our surroundings and our public spaces should be the focus of an unparalleled attention to beauty and inspiration. Since 2016 we have told the stories of cities, organizations, brands and visionary companies and in the process we have helped develop hundreds of artists. 

As an early adopter of digital art, we saw the medium’s unique ability to captivate people of all ages and walks of life. Today we help visionary companies turn their spaces into dynamic, inspiring environments that create wellbeing and reflect culture.  

Our name, ArtRepublic, draws from historical movements that have enlightened culture and society where patronage in the arts empowered new artistic movements and new genres of creatives. We are committed to this evolving narrative where brands and institutions play leading roles in emerging and world-renowned artist’s careers, the dawn of an artistic republic.

Our Team

Jessica Santiago
Founder & Chief Curator
John Andrews
Clarke Pennington
Director of Operations
David Ashley
Sonia Thomasino
Public Relations

How we help

Commissioned Artworks

Permanent Collection Advisory

Art Consulting

Wellbeing Immersive Installations

Live-data Visualizations

Temporary Exhibitions

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