About ArtRepublic

ArtRepublic is a global curation agency specializing in contemporary digital art and immersive public art. We connect today’s most dynamic artists with visionary brands, institutions and collectors. As a digital art pioneer since 2016, ArtRepublic is trusted for our taste and relationships with world class artists. We design intuitive art exhibitions that enlighten and enhance creativity. Our goal is to offer exceptional curation and education to aid in the mainstream adoption of high quality NFTs to collectors.

Modern Patronage

A Society’s greatness is determined by its artists. From the Medici merchant banking family of the Florentine Renaissance to the Gilded Age investment bankers who built America, to the technological innovators of today’s decentralized systems, artist patronage has driven enlightenment and advanced society for generations.

We’re undergoing a fundamental shift in the creator economy. In Web 2, artists are hired to attract an audience. Web 3 demands community investment . Brands must add value to gain access to these communities.

ArtRepublic offers brands and institutions a platform to play a leading role in emerging and world renowned artist’s careers not only by association, but also by commissioning artworks while building in-house art collections. This is Modern Patronage.

Our Ethos

Creatives are shaping the modern world, especially as we transcend beyond screens and into a mixed reality. Global decentralization is innately tied to self-awareness and consciousness. It empowers unity and allows collective ownership. At its onset, this movement stems from community and art, and for the first time in history, sovereignty to artists.

Our Offerings

Through ArtRepublic’s proprietary technology, we offer turnkey solutions for artists, brands, institutions and collectors.


  • Representation
  • Collector Access
  • Rights & Royalties
  • Business Resources


  • Curated Collections
  • Wellness Services
  • Installations


  • Audience Engagement
  • Cultural Relevance
  • NFT Campaigns
  • IRL Experiences

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Clarke Pennington


Johann Bergh

Creative Director

Sonia Thomasino

Marketing & PR Director

Ivy Bealyer

Assistant Curator