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Ben Heim

Ben Heim is an Australian audiovisual artist and composer currently based in New York City. His work spans contemporary classical music, film scoring, video art, crypto art + NFTs, live immersive experiences, audiovisual installations + performances, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Heim’s visual works have been featured in galleries and public spaces across the world including at OXO Tower Wharf Gallery (London), Times Square, IRCAM’s 2017 Vertigo Conference (Paris), Olsen Gruin Gallery (NYC), Lightbox (NYC), 393 (NYC), Camp David (NYC), Galleri Image (Denmark), and HARPA Concert Hall (Reykjavik). His audiovisual and performance works have been a part of many festivals including Splice Festival (UK), Tallinn Music Week (Estonia), Vivid Sydney (Australia), Digital Art Month (NYC), Creative Code Festival (NYC), and the Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival (Iceland).

A specialist in intimate connections between visuals and music, Ben has collaborated with many musical artists to create synesthetic audiovisual experiences, collaborators include London Contemporary Orchestra, Tale of Us, James Francies and visionary Berlin techno label Afterlife. Heim is also known for his artistic work with emerging technologies, from sonifying an artist drawing in real time using convolutional neural networks, collaborating with the Architectural Association (UK) to explore the relationship between sound and architecture in virtual reality, and visualizing live performances by London Contemporary Orchestra at the Barbican in real time using artificial intelligence.

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