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Le Fawnhawk

Petecia Le Fawnhawk is a modern surrealist whose work depicts monuments against minimal and ethereal desert landscapes. Petecia is based in Los Angeles but she spends a lot of time traveling from one desert to the next across California and the Southwest. The desert is her greatest inspiration. She often places herself in her work wearing monotoned attire standing next to monuments that appear immensely large in comparison to her own stature. The monuments are made of distinct geometric shapes to seek truth in form. In doing so, she aligns herself with nature to visually depict her own journey as she explores herself and the world.

Petecia practices with photo collage, video, sculpture, and land art. As an artist whose work extends across media forms it surprises many to learn that she is self-taught. As she strips her work of man made constructs she creates a transcendental realm that reflects the inner workings of her soul.

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