SCOPE Contemporary Art Fair Art Basel Miami Beach 2022

ArtRepublic Global Brings a Monumental Example of the Future of Public Art to Miami Art Week 

As the world’s greatest minds descend upon Miami Beach for the 20th anniversary of Miami Art Basel, ArtRepublic Global set the stage for a Creative Intervention, seizing this moment that demands intentionality. A public art installation and two-day speaker series will bring together purpose-driven artists, collectors, Web3 builders, and conscious leaders. 

SCOPE Contemporary Art Fair Monolith Installation

ArtRepublic partnered with SCOPE to produce and curate the ArtRepublic Monolith. The 24’ H x 12’ W showstopper installation highlights the power of public digital art installations to induce FLOW, a state of consciousness in which an individual feels truly alive. 

FLOW will exhibit twenty of today’s most enlightened digital artists who are merging art and human driven technology, inducing a state of flow for viewers. These powerful visuals have a visceral effect on our state of being, allowing us to reconnect with wonder and experience awe. This installation suspends our perception of the pre-conditioned world, inviting viewers to encounter the sacred in the midst of the mundane.  

A Creative Intervention Panel Series

Appealing to the culturally connected, Web3 curious, with a desire to contribute to the acknowledged need for education, ArtRepublic curated a series of conversations around its ethos of Art, Tech, and Wellbeing with industry authorities. ArtRepublic has once again partnered with SuperRare, the platform that was at the forefront of artist royalties for this 2-day experience (Dec 1-2) at Nobu Hotel in Miami Beach.  

Representatives from legacy art and culture enterprises Sotheby’s, Christie’s, and CAA, alongside Web3 pioneers Vayner3, category leaders Google Cloud, DoiT, and Alo Yoga, and institutions progressing humanity including Chopra Foundation, Seva.Love,  and Flowcarbon, will foster conversations with the world’s leading digital artists including ThankYouX, REO and Andres Reisinger to explore how through the merging of art, tech, and wellbeing, we have the opportunity to design a more empowered and conscious world. 

ThankYouX Exhibition in Partnership with Arlo Hotels

During Miami Art Week 2022, ArtRepublic partnered with Arlo Hotels to exhibit artist, ThankYouX latest milestone project, STATE OF THE ART. ArtRepublic facilitated the placement of ThankYouX’s latest project within Arlo Hotel’s Wynwood hotel in their new gallery space. Working with United Talent, Arlo Hotels, and ThankYouX, ArtRepublic facilitated an exhibition of STATE OF THE ART physical artworks, artist meet-and-greet and artist interview conducted by Jessica Santiago, Founder of ArtRepublic. 

Participating Artists 

Participating artists include: Andres Resiginger, ThankYouX, Reo, Jesse Woolston, Celo 1, Ash Thorp, Can Buyukberber, Nick ThommJN Silva, Ayla Elmoussa, Ben Heim, Rob Woodcox, Marcel van Luit, Indigo Suave, NONVISUALS, Nate Mohler, Matea Friend & Enrique Agudo, Anthony Samaniego, Ash Thorp, Steve “Sweatpants” IrbyPaolo Regis, and Leila Pinto.

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