Arlo Hotels In-House Curation

“The artist’s duty is to liberate the people, as it liberated you”

Style & Grace is a group show commissioned by Arlo Wynwood that brings together dynamic artists who explore the resilience, strength and persistence that is endured in the pursuit of self actualization. Coded in these works are narratives that help us to understand our value.

The ArtRepublic x Arlo partnership is a leading example of Modern Patronage, supporting contemporary culture’s most dynamic artists with a mission to bring museum quality context to an accessible space so all ages and cultures can encounter powerful artistic experiences. ArtRepublic’s Modern Patronage offers brands the ability to play leading roles in emerging and world renowned artist’s careers not just by association, but by commissioning bodies of work and offering opportunities for the work to be exhibited.

Through this intentional partnership artists were provided funding, production and new opportunities to evolve their work, audience and build community.

The Style & Grace exhibition was on view from February through May 2023 at The Gallery at Arlo Wynwood in Miami, FL.

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